We found many of the solutions in the marketplace were complicated and not that cost effective. We really liked what FIS Merchant Payments proposed to us and the costs were reasonable

Leading hotel group

TRANSAXpay offers value added functionality such as Pennies TruRating

Have you ever want to know more about your customers and what they think of you, or wished there was an easy way to support a local charitable cause?

The TRANSAXpay solution is integrated with TruRating to enable you to gain valuable feedback from your customers. It works by presenting a single question on the PED at the Point of Sale, as part of the card payment process. The customer only has to press one button to respond, and the insight you can get is invaluable.

TRANSAXpay also offers you the ability to become a Pennies retailer. Pennies is the digital charity box, allowing your customers to donate a few pence to your chosen charity as part of the card payment process. You choose the charity and the appropriate donation value.

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