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Payment solutions from FIS

The need to process card transactions quickly, to reduce payment fraud and to store data securely are universal. The payment services that we provide benefit all those who process a large number of card transactions, whilst our other solutions such as customer account management can help to improve efficiencies.

We can assist no matter what industry sector you operate in. We work with financial services, banking, telecoms, the motor trade and transport to name just a few.

FIS provides secure, reliable payment services for a wide selection of clients that includes: Aegon; Arnold Clarke; Barclays Bank; M6 Toll; Severn Bridge Crossing; Trainline.com

Our services will resolve many issues that affect payment acceptance, such as:

  • Secure PED card data transmission with TRANSAXpay EFT Software
  • Payment fraud detection for Card Not Present transactions
  • Reduction of staff access to sensitive card data
  • Easier processing of repeat orders with the Tokenisation of card data
  • Faster transaction processing
  • Provision of payment systems which are always available
  • An I.T. infrastructure  that is constantly monitored with 24/7 technical support
  • Reducing the scope of your PCI DSS assesment
  • Expert advice when you upgrade your payment software or point of sale devices
  • Access to secure, dual, UK based data centres

We are one of the longest established payment service providers in Europe. Our team can share their experience and knowledge with you to ensure that the payment systems that you employ are reliable, secure and compliant with all regulatory requirements.

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