Payment solutions for fuel vendors

The detection of payment fraud and the speed of through-the-till transactions are two of the most important payment issues for our fuel retailer clients. Their customers expect the fastest payment acceptance and enhanced card data security.

FIS provides fast, highly reliable card payment services that meet these challenges for many fuel vendors and service suppliers in the sector, including: Co-op Group; C H Jones (Keyfuels); Suresite (Jet); Texaco; Total.

Our services will resolve many issues that affect payment acceptance in the fuel sector, such as:

  • Secure PED card data transmission with TRANSAXpay EFT Software
  • Easy acceptance of major fuel cards with our protocol conversion technologies
  • Existing links to all major retail fuel cards
  • Faster transaction processing at your points of sale
  • Provision of payment systems which are always available
  • An I.T. infrastructure that is constantly monitored with 24/7 technical support
  • Reducing the scope of your PCI DSS assesment
  • Expert advice when you upgrade your payment software or point of sale devices
  • Access to a wider range of real-time payment reporting with a web based application

We process the card transactions from 3,000 forecourts across the UK and Ireland, with an infrastructure that is ready to handle thousands more.

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