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Payment solutions for eCommerce and Mail Order / Telephone Order environments

For our eCommerce and MOTO clients, the focus is on processing payments quickly, securely and profitably. They look to us to help them detect and reduce card fraud. Meanwhile, their customers expect faster transaction processing when on-line or on the ‘phone and they are becoming more aware of the security of their card data.

FIS provides online payment processing and fraud management services that meet these challenges for many eCommerce / MOTO clients including: Adobe; Best Western; Dell; QVC; Travelodge.

In addition, prestigious financial service providers such as Barclays Bank and Bank of America use FIS eCommerce solutions to process online payments for their own clients.

Our services will resolve the many issues that affect payment acceptance for the eCommerce / MOTO trading environments, such as:

  • Fraud management and hosted payments with TRANSAXpay Online
  • Bespoke fraud management services
  • Reduction of staff access to sensitive card data
  • Easier processing of repeat orders with the Tokenisation of card data
  • Improved basket analysis without the need to store cardholder details
  • Encryption for safer transmission of data between your operating centres
  • Reducing the scope of your PCI DSS assesment
  • An I.T. infrastructure  that is constantly monitored with 24/7 technical support
  • Fast and secure payment processing at all times of the day and night
  • Access to a wider range of web enabled real-time payment reporting

Some of the world’s leading eCommerce brands, retailers and service providers process their on-line and call centre payments through solutions built, maintained and provided by FIS.

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