Payment solutions for Business-to-Business trade sectors

FIS has been helping businesses to accept payments from trade customers for over 25 years. The range of payments being offered by B2B suppliers has widened in recent years whilst card payments continue to grow.

As well as payment processing and data hosting for credit and debit card payments, many B2B suppliers look to FIS to provide trade card services that reduce the risks associated with traditional monthly account management and which can generate extra sales revenue.

The card services that we have developed over many years are ideal for busy B2B trade counters, telephone order centres and on-line trading environments. A managed payment solution from FIS offers B2B suppliers the same advantages as those enjoyed by retailers: safer, faster payment processing, data storage and fraud reduction.

FIS provides fast, highly reliable payment services and trade account management for many hundreds of companies that operate in a range of B2B sectors, including: Enta Technologies; Howden Joinery; Jewson; Travelodge (account card); Wolseley.

Our services will resolve many issues that affect payment acceptance for B2B suppliers, such as:

  • Secure PED card data transmission with TRANSAXpay EFT Software
  • Payment fraud detection for Card Not Present transactions
  • Reduction of staff access to sensitive card data
  • Easier processing of repeat orders with the Tokenisation of card data
  • Encryption for safer transmission of data between your operating centres
  • Faster transaction processing at your points of sale
  • Provision of payment systems which are always available
  • An I.T. infrastructure  that is constantly monitored with 24/7 technical support
  • Reducing the scope of your PCI DSS assesment
  • Expert advice when you upgrade your payment software or point of sale devices
  • Access to a wider range of real-time payment reporting with a web based application

FIS provides payment services that mean business, by improving payment processing reliability, securing card data, providing better financial reporting and helping you to generate more sales.

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