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What is a payment service provider?

A payment service provider (PSP) is an organisation that enables businesses to accept electronic payments. This can be by a variety of methods and includes credit and debit card payments, direct debit processing and trade card and account management services. These payments can be made in person by the client (Cardholder Present), or over the telephone or through the internet (Card Not Present).

How does a payment service provider process payments?

A payment service provider connects to many different acquiring banks, card and payment networks in order to process payments for their merchants. A name typically used to describe these services is a Payment Gateway. Many payment service providers offer additional services such as risk and fraud management and reporting that move beyond the scope of Payment Gateways however.

FIS – the perfect payment service provider for your processing

Every day FIS Payments process over 3 million payments with a combined annual value of over £30 billion for many of the most respected retail, hospitality and fuel brands. We help businesses to accept and manage payments with a wide range of solutions that focus on security, transaction processing, data hosting, and fraud reduction. With FIS as your payment service provider, we will provide you with the most complete suite of end-to-end payment solutions for both Cardholder Present and Card Not Present CNP transactions. We focus on secure transaction processing, with an excellent record of reliability and infrastructure resilience.

We have a wealth of payment experience that comes from being one of the largest payment service providers in the world and one of the longest established. Please click here to access a full list of FIS payment services.

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