Happy 50th Birthday to us!


FIS group, celebrates its 50th year by ringing the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange, on Tuesday 9th October, 2018.

 The group, which employs 53,000 people around the world, including 6,000 in Europe has been providing financial technology services since 1968. Whilst the name of the company may not be that well known amongst the general public, the services it provides either directly or through banking and retail institutions, touch upon the lives of millions of people every day. Whether it involves transferring money between bank accounts, or cash acquisition through an ATM network, or making a card payment at a leading retail store or website, FIS provides the financial technology services that make it happen. It is estimated that FIS services are used to transfer $9 trillion around the world, each year! FIS provides TRANSAXpay and TRANSAX card and cheque payment processing in the UK, Ireland and France. To find out more about our 50th anniversary, click here:


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