Expanding payment choice for UK retailers


At FIS we strive to help retailers find the most appropriate solution for processing in-store card transactions. We are pleased to announce that the certification of FIS’ TRANSAXpay solution (Point to Point Encryption (P2PE)) means we can now offer both certified and non-certified P2PE solutions. The choice is entirely the retailer’s based on their specific needs.

As Simon Dickinson, Managing Director at FIS Payments (UK) Ltd, comments, “This is a major achievement. We are delighted to be able to offer UK retailers two such clear alternatives.”

P2PE represents a significant step forward in secure card data processing. It encrypts data from the moment the PIN is entered in the Pin Entry Device (PED). Data is decrypted when it reaches the FIS Payment Gateway which is a Level-1 environment for authorisation, settlement and financial reporting, certified by the PCI Security Standards Council.

FIS’ TRANSAXpay solutions can significantly reduce the burden and cost of retailers own PCI compliance. . “It’s all part of the FIS commitment to provide leading payment acceptance solutions,” says Simon Dickinson, “solutions that help retailers minimise the risk of data loss, whilst improving their customer experience”.

To find out more about the TRANSAXpay solution you can email or call us on 0345 601 4486.

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