At every stage of planning and implementation of our payment solution, FIS were able to provide the right advice

Hospitality PLC

TRANSAXpay offers high availability and reliability to keep you trading 24/7

To maintain our highly capable and outstanding service, FIS continually invests in the infrastructure of the business globally to ensure our service levels never drop.

New, larger data centres in the UK, housing state of the art, modern technology, contribute to this. Our goal is to maintain a 100% service level, which is consistently achieved due to the highly scalable, resilient architecture of the TRANSAXpay solution.

Our dual primary site architecture gives you the confidence that processing will continue in real time even if one site encounters an issue. The switchover is seamless and occurs automatically if one site becomes unavailable.

Our new state of the art data centres feature the latest, most resilient hardware, power and comms systems.

TRANSAXpay delivers:

  • New state of the art data centres
  • Modern, highly scalable technology
  • Dual primary resilient site architecture
  • 99.9+% service level

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