We selected FIS as our provider as we trusted the company. Their commitment, determination, flexibility and IT support ensured a smooth and speedy implementation. They surpassed even our expectations

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TRANSAXpay is completely hardware and acquirer agnostic

TRANSAXpay from FIS, one of the largest global financial services companies. We are independent of all the hardware manufacturers and the acquirers too, which allows us to be flexible and offer a product that’s ‘best fit’ to you and your company.

TRANSAXpay can cater for retailers who want to run a mixed PED estate. Our PED application and terminal management system are both hardware agnostic, so you are free to adopt the right hardware manufacturer and device type(s) for your requirements.

TRANSAXpay can dynamically switch transactions in real time to your chosen acquirer by merchant or card type, giving you, the retailer, the opportunity to reduce your processing costs.

Because we are independent of the acquirers, you are free to change acquirer but keep your current PED hardware estate, and the TRANSAXpay service can be switched to your new acquirer.

TRANSAXpay from FIS:

  • Offers a ‘best fit’ for each retailer
  • Provides dynamic switching, giving the retailer the opportunity to reduce costs
  • Enables the retailer to run a mixed PED estate


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