Multichannel Payment Systems

Every day FIS Payment Systems support over 3 million eCommerce, MOTO and Point-of-Sale payment transactions from multi-channel retailers, hospitality & leisure providers, fuel retailers, B2B suppliers and financial services providers.

We have developed payment systems for Cardholder Present and Card Not Present trading environments that include payment processing, data hosting, fraud management and financial reporting.

Working across all sales channels, we can design a service that fits exactly with your systems, processes and needs.

Leading Proprietary Payment Systems

FIS’ high quality software applications and payment services have been developed over many years by our team of highly experienced in-house solution architects. Our FIS Payment Gateway service delivers true multi-channel functionality including Card Data Encryption (P2PE), Contactless, Tokenisation, eCommerce and MOTO authorisation payment systems and risk management.

Unified view

Secure, real-time web reporting from FIS ensures data is immediately available to support your internal helpdesks, finance processes, reconciliation processes and chargeback management routines. This presents a truly unified view of all your payments from all channels – putting an end to separate and disparate reporting. Click here for more information.

FIS payment services have proven reliability

Our proven technical infrastructure which has been Level 1 PCI DSS certified since 2007, delivers the exceptionally high levels of service availability demanded by our clients, many of whom operate in sensitive operating environments where the speed and reliability of their payment systems is absolutely vital.

TRANSAXpay Online

The benefits of The FIS Payment Gateway payment systems can be augmented with a fraud and risk management solution specifically designed for eCommerce and MOTO sales environments: TRANSAXpay Online includes key elements such as FraudShield that targets online payment fraud, used by major international brands (such as Adobe, Best Western and Dell) to accept payments more safely.

The FIS Payment Gateway, further information:


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