Key Service Elements

The FIS Payment Gateway includes the following key service elements:

Fast card authorisation forwarding

We handle all your card transactions from all your payment channels and accept transaction messages from a variety of network types. We will forward these to your acquirer(s) for authorisation and return with sub-second efficiency. In addition, we specialise in detecting payment fraud which will reduce your chargeback exposure.

Accurate settlement file submission

When we have verified and reconciled your payment data, we can submit your card transaction settlement files to your acquirer(s) to a schedule set by you. We can submit multiple file types if required.

Secure data hosting

Our dual primary data centres in the UK are fully resilient with no single point of failure. With our Level 1 PCI DSS accreditation, your payment transaction data is stored securely.

Instant financial reporting

With instant, secure network access to a wide range of generic and tailor made reports that enable you to drill down to an individual brand, or branch or even a single terminal. Your Finance team will always know the precise value of funds that are currently outstanding and can reconcile payments more easily. Chargebacks can be investigated quickly; payment errors can be detected and reduced. Analysis and internal reporting will be easier and more efficient.

Resilience and Reliability

Our I.T. infrastructure is fully resilient and you are assured of truly excellent reliability. In the last year, we achieved >99.99% service availability.

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