The FIS Payment Gateway

The FIS Payment Gateway enables fast card authorisation forwarding, accurate settlement file submission, secure data hosting and instant financial reporting. Your card payment and refund transactions from all of your multi-channel points of sale are managed for you through our PCI DSS accredited data centres.

Our Payment Gateways give you just one focal point for all your card transaction requirements means that system maintenance, data storage and management information gathering are no longer a drain on your resources, whilst the scope of your PCI DSS assessment may be reduced.

If you already use a Payment Services Provider (PSP) or if you support your own payment processing architecture and want to reduce the scope of your PCI DSS assessment, then take a close look at The FIS Payment Gateway. You can consolidate the processing of all your credit card, debit card, charge card (and fuel card) payment transactions through our Level 1, PCI DSS certified active host. By using FIS payment gateways you will benefit from our economies of scale and highly reliable technical infrastructure.

Within the payment gateway, your card transactions are managed for you from authorisation to settlement. You can access a wide range of payment reconciliation reports and we’ll store your transaction data securely.

What are the business benefits of The FIS Payment Gateway?

More control

With one focal point for all your card transaction processing and real time reporting you will have more control over the payments that you accept (also making it easier when you expand or make changes to your estate).

Reduced PCI DSS scope

A payment gateway solution from FIS provides the technologies that can reduce the scope of your card data environment and annual or quarterly PCI DSS assessment.

More reliable payment processing

Payment gateways also allow for managed settlement file submission meaning you will receive payment transfers reliably and without delays, with access to a full suite of payment management information.

Access to advanced payment technology

Your customers’ payments are processed securely and reliably using Card data end to end encryption P2PE whilst offering an improved ‘making payment’ experience.

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