Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) Card Data Encryption

Process, transmit and store card data with an end-to-end P2PE solution from FIS

FIS is an independent payment service provider in the UK, offering a PCI accredited P2PE application: TRANSAXpay.

We have been operating solutions that encrypt card data between the PIN Entry Device (PED) and host for over 15 years, for a wide range of retailers and hospitality service providers. Our extensive solution development and implementation experience results in a deep understanding of the issues that can arise, and led to the development of the TRANSAXpay solution.

We have the skills and know-how to implement the right end-to-end encryption solution for your situation. A TRANSAXpay card data encryption solution from FIS is highly secure and targeted to reduce the scope of merchant PCI DSS assessment, helping you to achieve the standard. Your customers’ card data is protected and so is the goodwill associated with your brand.

Card data is strongly encrypted within the PIN Entry Device (PED) using the TRANSAXpay EFT software, a payment application that is PA DSS certified and PCI accredited for P2PE. The data can be securely routed to the FIS Payment Gateway – our PCI DSS Level 1 certified payment host.

Further information on Cardholder Present solutions from FIS Merchant Payments:


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