TRANSAXpay EFT Software

With years of secure payment transaction processing, card data hosting experience and encryption development for household name retailers, we have channelled our knowledge into a comprehensive, efficient software solution, specifically designed for the PIN Entry Device (PED).

With TRANSAXpay EFT Software, we can deliver a configurable, scaleable and flexible  encryption solution quickly and at low cost. The application is both PA DSS and P2PE certified and meets the latest encryption guidelines, laid down by the PCI Security Standards Council.

There are many issues to consider when securing card data at the point of sale. TRANSAXpay EFT Software can help you to meet these, with a rich set of features that ensure your encryption solution is highly secure and easily installed.

Features include:

Key Injection

At the initialisation phase, secure keys are injected and cycled across your PED estate remotely using our Terminal Management System.

Double encryption for added security

The card number and associated data is encrypted in the PED before it is routed over a secure SSL connection to the FIS host.

Secure authorisation messaging

The data is decrypted by FIS at our data centres. We forward this to your acquirer and return their response. In this way, no card data is held ‘in the clear’ on your point of sale systems or your networks – with the objective of a reduction in scope of your cardholder data environment and your annual / quarterly PCI DSS assesments.

Convenient implementation

We have specifically designed this solution so that it can be deployed across your PED estate with the absolute minimum of disruption to your retail operation. TRANSAXpay EFT Software can be installed to your PED estate using our Terminal Management System.

Automatic updates

When your estate is up and running, we use our Terminal Management System to send software updates to each PED and to inject new keys as required. Version control and asset management are maintained and monitored by FIS on your behalf.

We can report on all the installed versions, terminal locations and serial numbers across your entire PED estate.

Contactless compatibility

The software will process contactless and NFC (‘Near Field Communications’ for mobile phone payments) transactions that are fully compatible with Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass technologies. The parameters for these transactions can be set and changed by the Terminal Management System according to your requirements and can differ across your estate.

This flexibility can lead to reductions in processing costs and time savings at your point of sale.

Futureproof implementation

Your new stores can be added to the service by the FIS support team on your instruction. Dependent on your chosen Service Level, typically the process of adding a new store/merchant can be done on the same day.

24/7 Support

As you might expect from FIS, support and maintenance of your TRANSAXpay EFT Software solution is a prime consideration. All PED queries are handled by our Technical Service Desk, available 24/7. In addition, data hosting and transaction settlement are monitored and maintained by the same team.

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