Cardholder Present solutions: Contactless

For cardholder present payments up to £30 in value, a contactless payment device only requires the quick tap of a credit / debit card, or an NFC (Near Field Communications) enabled mobile phone and the majority of transactions can be processed immediately. Most transactions require online authorisation but total processing times are reduced.

Contactless is ideal for retailers who accept a high number of low value payments: it can lead to higher transaction volumes as the convenience of a quick card payment is realised, leading to return visits and higher average spend values than cash alone.

Our TRANSAX EFT Sofware will process contactless and NFC transactions that are fully compatible with Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass technologies. The parameters for these transactions are maintained by the TRANSAXpay Terminal Management System.

We do not prescribe which device you must use to accept a contactless transaction. This level of flexibility means that you are free to choose the equipment that suits your systems and your needs. We can even provide advice and source the right hardware if you require.

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