Card Not Present payment solutions: FIS Tokenisation

Tokenisation from FIS removes individual card data from your systems

Ideal for eCommerce, Mail Order / Telephone Order merchants and financial services organisations, a tokenisation solution from FIS removes the requirement to store a customer’s actual card data on a merchant’s payment system. In its place, the merchant stores a substituted unique token which is matched by FIS to the card details.

Tokenisation means that when the customer returns to place another order, or if they have authorised recurring payments to be made to you, the token can be submitted back to FIS, where it is matched to the card data that we hold on our PCI DSS Level 1 certified payment host. The payment transaction is forwarded for authorisation on your behalf to your acquirer by FIS.

At no point during the transaction interchange with FIS, or during the authorisation or messaging process, is the actual card data sent back to you. Payment transaction processing times using tokenisation are unaffected and order processing can be made more convenient for the consumer, without the need to re-enter card data on any future call or visit.

Tokenisation from FIS makes for an efficient,and effective solution particularly where recurring billing is required, or when regular customers are returning to your website.

  • Tokenisation allows for basket analysis without storage of cardholder details
  • You will never need to store cardholder data and your customers’ payment experience is greatly enhanced

The benefits of tokenisation are clear

By removing individual card data from your internal ordering systems, some components of your PCI DSS responsibility are partially transferred to us. In addition, your historical card data can be migrated to FIS for mass tokenisation and made ready for any future payment transactions that you wish to process.

Tokenisation methodology

Briefly, there are two methods that we deploy to offer the token: A full algorithm or a partial algorithm (with part of the card number left intact, such as the BIN range). The token is then stored by FIS alongside the true card number.

FIS provides tokenisation solutions for on-line retailers and financial institutions that result in thousands of transactions being processed in this way, every day.

Card Not Present CNP payment solutions from FIS, further information:

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