Recurring Payments

Other solutions for those who accept regular, recurring payments…

In addition to FIS Tokenisation (which makes recurring Card Not Present CNP payment transactions more secure by removing individual card data from your systems), FIS also offer alternative payment solutions that can augment traditional CNP payment transactions:

Direct Debit Processing with FIS

FIS can manage Direct Debit processing on your behalf. As one of the largest Direct Debit bureaus in the UK and Ireland, we pull nearly £3 billion and over 10 million payments per annum for our clients.

Account Services

Account management and sales generation services from FIS can be used in whole or in part to support the management of your trade and consumer customer accounts. With two elements: outsourced account service processes and sales generation with Account Card – your own branded purchasing card.

CNP payment solutions from FIS, further information:

Also see: The FIS Payment Gateway


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