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Card Not Present CNP payment solutions: TRANSAXpay Card Fraud Management Professional services

FIS has been developing effective card fraud management solutions in Europe for over 30 years. Our experience in this area goes back to when retail payments were mostly cash or cheque. This head start enabled us to develop online card payment solutions in the early days of eCommerce and which today continue to evolve and expand.

With operations in 27 countries and payment service provision in many more, FIS is the largest provider of banking and payment technologies in the world. Our global presence places us firmly in the forefront of the fight against retail payment fraud. We benefit by sharing cross-border information about a problem that often has an international dimension.

FIS currently provide the systems, staff and expertise to mitigate credit and payment fraud risks for thousands of retail, wholesale and Credit / Debit / Prepaid card Issuers. We help them to manage risk, reduce their losses and enhance their profitability in every transaction.

  • Our specialist card fraud management teams, experienced in the application of advanced analytics and fraud modelling, can deliver significant improvement on conventional fraud detection solutions
  • A card fraud management solution from FIS will allow you to scale more efficiently whilst keeping focus on your core business activities to provide a cost effective outsourced option
  • Benefit from information that is shared through the FIS global knowledge network

With solutions for both Cardholder Present and Card Not Present payments that use applied analytics, rules based and case management, our specialists can tailor a service that will target generic or specific types of payment fraud. We can offer you card fraud management solutions that are proven to work, that integrate with your existing systems and policies and which will deliver solid returns.

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Also see TRANSAXpay Online which provides automated fraud monitoring, order referral, a hosted payment page and reporting for eCommerce and MOTO payments.

For further information about Card Not Present CNP payment solutions from FIS:

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