TRANSAXpay Online: FraudShield®

The most accurate and effective solution available to protect your business from payment fraud attacks, FraudShield® integrates powerful, comprehensive and highly sophisticated fraud detection technologies all of which is managed via an intuitive web interface. Whilst highly flexible, it will ensure that fraud is detected and stopped as early as possible.

  • FraudShield analyses all the payment transaction data in real-time
  • With merchant configurable, hierarchical risk strategies for multi channel / website applications
  • Scoring & Modelling
  • Order-centric real time rules with scoring functionality
  • IP Geolocation
  • Pre & Post Issuer response review
  • Velocity based on number, location and / or value of transactions
  • Matching against Black / White lists
  • Trend rules monitoring against sales patterns
  • Transaction options including; Accept, Reject, Review, Notify, Trace, None
  • Auto Actions, e.g. add the PAN to a temporary black list
  • Email message alerts of specific transaction types
  • An easy to manage user interface

For further information about our fraud management expertise, also see: TRANSAXpay Fraud Management Professional Services

The other key elements of TRANSAXpay Online are:

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