eCommerce and MOTO

CNP payment solutions: For eCommerce and Mail Order / Telephone Order environments

With a predicted growth of 14.6% in 2019 and eCommerce sales of €200 billion, the UK is the largest e-retail market in Europe, far outstripping any other major European economy.

Web sales are a vital part of any multichannel sales strategy – a bricks and clicks mix that also includes call centres as well as traditional branch networks. Payment fraud has reduced at shop counters in the territories where Chip & PIN has been deployed by the card schemes, but the problem is constant for CNP transactions: ever evolving and increasingly imaginative. Greater protection and expert diligence is needed for payments that are accepted online or by phone.

At FIS, we combine robust payment processing and secure data hosting with solutions that detect payment fraud at the time of the transaction. Orders can be accepted, rejected or referred using configurable rule sets. Your order referral management process can be enhanced by flagging selected transactions to FIS’ or your own analysts for greater scrutiny.

Many of the world’s most respected online retailers and financial services institutions protect their profit in each and every transaction with fraud management solutions from FIS, reducing their risks and enabling them to trade successfully online and by phone. Our clients include: Adobe; Best Western; Dell; Premier Inn: QVC and Travelodge. In addition, prestigious financial service providers such as Barclays Bank and Bank of America use FIS solutions to process online payments for their own clients.

Our services will help to resolve the many issues that affect payment acceptance for eCommerce / MOTO trading environments, such as:

  • Fraud management and hosted payments with TRANSAXpay Online
  • Bespoke fraud management services
  • Reduction of staff access to sensitive card data
  • Easier processing of repeat orders with the Tokenisation of card data
  • Improved basket analysis without the need to store cardholder details
  • Encryption for safer transmission of data between your operating centres
  • Reduction of the scope of merchant PCI DSS assesment
  • Fast and secure payment processing at all times of the day and night
  • Access to a wider range of web enabled real-time payment reporting

CNP solutions from FIS, further information:

Also see: The FIS Payment Gateway


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