Card Not Present Solutions

Card Not Present (CNP) payment solutions from FIS

CNP payment transactions have the potential to be higher in risk. There is the constant need to process transactions securely and efficiently and to reduce fraud.

FIS has many years experience in helping businesses to process CNP transactions in a multi-channel environment more securely whether these originate online, through their Mail Order / Telephone Order centres or from their branch networks.

Solutions that particularly apply to CNP payments include:

The FIS Payment Gateway

Delivers secure, true multichannel authorisation and settlement services, data hosting and instant real-time reporting for Card Not Present (and Cardholder Present) transactions.

TRANSAXpay Online

TRANSAXpay Online from FIS provides the key elements that make online and MOTO payment acceptance safer: FraudShield® for automatic screening and scoring for every customer payment for the potential of fraud; RAPIDReviewer™ for manual order reviewing; a hosted payment page and full payment reporting.

TRANSAXpay Fraud Management Professional Services

Card Not Present payment services can be augmented with a range of bespoke fraud management solutions that make the processing and acceptance of card transactions safer, with reduced losses and improved order management.


Removes the need to store your customers’ card data on your payment systems.

CNP solutions from FIS, further information:

In addition to Card Not Present payment solutions, FIS also offers solutions for recurring payments, such as Direct Debit processing and FIS Account Services or Trade Card management. Click here for more: Recurring payments


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