Trade Card & Account Management Services

TRANSAX Account Services

Trade card and acccount management services can be used in whole or in part to support the management of your trade and consumer customer accounts. With two elements: sales generation with Account Card – your own branded purchasing card and outsourced account service processes.

TRANSAX Account Services from FIS are used by a wide variety of businesses in the B2B, retail, wholesale, fuel and hospitality trade sectors to reduce costs, improve account management efficiencies and to generate more sales. Our clients benefit from our economies of scale, our experience and our payments expertise.

Sales generation with Account Card

Take any or all of our the account management modules and combine these with your own branded Account Card to help generate more sales, repeat business and build customer loyalty.

Just like a charge card, Account Card enables your customers to place orders (up to a pre-approved credit limit) and take the goods today. We offer full or partial card management, including card issue and transaction authorisation. Account Card also comes with the option of our payment warranty to help you increase sales without risk: if your customer defaults payment, we pay you the balance in full.

Account Card helps you to generate more sales, repeat business and build customer loyalty… with your own  branded purchasing card. It is ideal for your cash sale and transient customers because it makes it easier to buy from you – without the need for cash or cheques (or purchase orders).

Ideal also for your existing credit accounts – especially low value / irregular users where the cost of account maintenance is high.

Account Card: Your business advantages

Account Card can help you to build incremental sales and profit through reduced credit account application turn downs and expansion of your customer base.

  • Conversion of transient cash sale customers into loyal account holders with a regular spend – you become their preferred option
  • Complements your existing credit control processes. Enables your credit control staff to focus on key accounts and more business critical issues
  • Reduction of the costs and time associated with credit vetting
  • Reduced debtor days
  • Peace of mind, through certainty of payment
  • You can choose from modular through to fully outsourced options

Account Management

With a fully modular approach, we can provide:

  • Application processing services
  • Risk management and scoring solutions
  • Account correspondence handling
  • Statement generation, printing and delivery
  • Direct Debit bureau services
  • Call centre services
  • Arrears collection services

We can provide all or a combination of these and tailor each service to fit with your business’ processes and your brand values.
Note: As one of the largest Bacs fully accredited Direct Debit bureaus in the UK and Ireland, we pull nearly 10 million payments per annum for our clients worth £3 billion.

Additional payment services from FIS also include:


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