Stored Value Solutions

TRANSAX Stored Value solutions from FIS: Gives more!

TRANSAX Stored Value solutions from FIS can easily integrate with your existing retail payment systems, offering you the essential flexibility and features to ensure the success of your Gift Card programme.

Our solutions can be applied to Gift Card and Refund Card programmes and a wide range of other retail sales and marketing applications including savings schemes, insurance claim schemes, promotions and staff incentives.

Whether you are looking for a stand-alone Gift Card solution or one that integrates different stored value applications (such as refund or saving schemes) across all your sales channels, we can help your vision to become a working, successful reality. From fast to market out of the box solutions to bespoke, individual requirements.

FIS Best Prepaid Service Provider

FIS was honoured by being named as the ‘Best Prepaid Provider 2011’ in the industry leading Prepaid Awards.

Example functionality:

  • Minimum and Maximum initial load values
  • Minimum and Maximum balance rules
  • Re-loadable / non re-loadable
  • Minimum and Maximum Top-Up values / re-load values
  • Minimum and Maximum refund values
  • Inactivity fee options
  • Expiry options
  • Balance enquiry fee option
  • Security Code inclusion
  • Fraud monitoring
  • IVR (voice) option for balance information integration with online ordering

Additional payment services from FIS also include:


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