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Card Data Encryption

What is Card Data Encryption?

When a card is presented for payment, the information contained on the card (such as the card number) and information about the transaction (such as the value, date and location of the purchase) will immediately be shared with and collated by the retailer’s own payment device and till system. To help ensure that this data is processed as securely as possible, FIS provides card data encryption solutions which are secure, robust and used by some of the leading brand names on the high street. In short, all the data is encrypted from the card and about the transaction before it is forwarded to the FIS payment host.

What are the benefits of card data encryption?

The benefits of card data encryption are that the payment information is processed securely by the retailer to protect their customer.  Ultimately this protects the retailer from a data breach, which can be costly both in terms of repair and fines from the card payment schemes. In addition, the integrity of the retailer’s brand is assured. For the consumer, card data encryption means that their card and transaction information is being processed securely and they can make payment with total confidence.

FIS – experts in card data encryption

FIS is a pioneer in card data encryption. It is a specialism that we started to develop many years ago, initially for the fuel sectors. All of our card data encryption solutions are developed in-house by our own team of technical specialists, who have worked on card data encryption solutions for some of the largest retailers and hospitality providers. We have developed a comprehensive suite of card data encryption solutions that we call TRANSAXpay. This service is tailored to your specific needs and is configured to work with your existing point of sale equipment. We can encrypt the transaction and decrypt it, store the data for you, forward it for authorisation to your acquirer and deliver all the messaging that is needed for the transaction to proceed securely and with speed. TRANSAXpay from FIS is the leading card data encryption solution available.

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