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We selected FIS as our provider as we trusted the company. Their commitment, determination, flexibility and IT support ensured a smooth and speedy implementation. They surpassed even our expectations

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FIS Technical Infrastructure

The FIS technical infrastructure, our people and your support

This is an important aspect of the FIS proposition: our I.T. infrastructure is fully resilient and you are assured of truly excellent reliability from a system architecture that is owned, managed and maintained in-house by some of the most experienced technical specialists in the European payments industry.

System Availability

Host availability for FIS Payments’ clients during the last 12 months has been >99.99%. This service availability includes all system maintenance and upgrade activity.

FIS active/active data centres

We operate active/active (dual primary) technical infrastructure where data is replicated at two separate, secure UK sites in real-time; designed with no single point of failure so that service continuity is seamlessly maintained. In normal operation, both sites operate at less than 50% capacity so that if required, one site can process all of the transaction volume with no impact on service to the client.

Capacity planning

FIS operate strict procedures around capacity management and planning to ensure that all our customers receive excellent service levels at all times. All our payment processing and host systems utilise an IBM server architecture with immediate access to Capacity on Demand capability.

System security

Both of our primary data centres are housed in highly secure locations, with restricted access to authorised personnel only. Emergency power supply and state of the art air conditioning and temperature control systems are in place to ensure continuous running of systems.

Continual investment

We design, build and care for our systems infrastructure, knowing that it sits at the heart of everything we do. Investment in the latest technology is part of a continual FIS programme that has no end and which has ensured that we offer the finest, most resilient technical infrastructure that powers the most reliable payment processing services available.

Our people

Our solution development and I.T. support teams are the best. That’s not just a proud boast: with over 300 people based at our sites in Birmingham, Watford and Glasgow, with many years experience of designing, developing and maintaining complex payment solutions, our UK based teams form an important hub within the international FIS technical infrastructure. Our Production and Delivery teams follow the ITIL (the I.T. Infrastructure Library) and Capability Maturity Model (CMM) standards respectively.

24/7 Support

Our Technical Service Desk operates 24/7, to ensure business continuity. Highly trained and experienced Technical Analysts are responsible for system monitoring and issue resolution. Additional support is provided from the FIS System Support Teams.

Service monitoring and continuity of service

There are several levels of monitoring across our technical architecture which enable our 24/7 Operators to take swift, pro-active, preventative measures to ensure resolution if an issue arises.

If you are thinking about processing any or all of your payments with FIS, you are welcome to come and take a tour, get a closer look at our technical infrastructure, to talk with our I.T. teams and to find out more. Trust is a key aspect of any payment processing solution from FIS.

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