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Their people are amenable, approachable and flexible, in fact we are always nothing short of impressed

National fuel retailer

10 Good Reasons

FIS’ competitive strengths include the following:

1. Leading Proprietary Technology

FIS high quality software applications and payment services have been developed over many years by our team of highly experienced in-house solution architects. Our retail solutions are designed, built and supported in the UK.

2. Real time reporting for a truly unified view

Our multichannel payment processing capabilities gives retailers a truly unified view of all payments processed, irrespective of channel.

3. PCI DSS certified

Our proven technical infrastructure has been Level 1 PCI DSS accredited since 2007. It delivers exceptionally high levels of service availability, can remove card data from your environment and reduce the scope of your PCI DSS merchant assessment. TRANSAXpay is PA DSS and P2PE certified (the only accredited payment processing software from an independent vendor).

4. Technical Infrastructure

Our I.T. infrastructure is fully resilient and you are assured of truly excellent reliability from a system architecture that is owned and managed in-house. Our active/active (dual primary) data centres replicate data in real-time to ensure service continuity.

5. Fraud management expertise

Our payment processing services can be augmented with a range of bespoke fraud management solutions that make the processing and acceptance of card transactions safer, with reduced losses and improved order management.

6. Comprehensive and Flexible Payment Solutions

The modular nature of the FIS product set and our ability to integrate our services with others means we can provide customised holistic solutions that respond to individual client needs.

7. Independence

FIS is independent of the card schemes, acquirers or any equipment manufacturer, enabling our clients to choose the preferred components of their payment processing solution.

8. Demonstrable Migration Ability

The FIS Project Team is highly experienced in working on major multi-channel, multi-outlet service deployments as well as managing and integrating with other parties, including POS hardware and software suppliers and network providers.

9. Excellent Client Relationships and support

With a deep understanding of payment services within retail environments, we build mutually beneficial, collaborative partnerships with our clients. We are honest and ethical, we never make a promise that we cannot keep and we deliver solutions that work. We back this up with 24/7 monitoring and support.

10. Trust & reliability

Trust is a key aspect of any payment processing solution from FIS. This manifests itself in our growing client list, our processing prowess and reliability. System availability for our FIS Payments clients was >99.99% in the last year.

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